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As recognized experts in the field of Business and Workforce Diversity, and Community Engagement Program development and management, Sims Strategic Diversity Consultants (SSDC) have designed and managed value added diverse programs since 1995. Our experience includes working with city, state, federal and private sector clients who desire to emphasize the utilization and/or involvement of diverse businesses, community workforce development programs and community engagement strategies with their stakeholders.


Conduct Assessment of Current Diverse Business Program and Current Procurement Policies and Procedures Related to the Utilization and Inclusion Minority, Women, Small, Service Disabled, HUB Zone and Section 3 Businesses


Provide Contract Compliance/Audit pro- cesses for Monitoring, Reporting, and Spend Tracking With Diverse Businesses to Determine Compliance. Develop Diverse Business and Workforce Opportunity Policy and Procedures/ Program


Diverse Business Certification Assistance , Eligibility Status & Assessment of Diverse Business Qualifications and Capacity
Review of Bid & Proposal Documents & Interpret Diverse Business Requirements


Community Engagement Strategies
Mentor/Protege Program Development & Management
Conduct Diverse Business Availability Study/Market Analysis

Building new highways to sustainable diversity and inclusion programs. Gwendolyn Davis, Senior Executive Consultant

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