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(Diversity Business Enterprises)

Our entire program starts with YOU! Registration in our system is free, and you get access to upcoming procurements.

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(General Contractors and Construction Mgrs)

Custom DBE Directories, project advertising, DBE outreach, and real-time DBE participation reporting are just a few of our services.

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(Diversity Program Design and Management)

We will develop or assess a new or existing diverse business program tailored to your company. Contact us for more!

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Work hard. Meet people. Chad Andersen, IT Director

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Our Story

Sims Strategic Diversity Consultants was established in 1995 to bridge the gap between diverse businesses and procurement opportunities in the public and private sector. Our mission is to develop, strengthen and increase business opportunities for Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Historical Underutilized Business Enterprise (HUBE) creating a positive economic impact. A number of drivers strengthen the case for business diversity, including demographic shifts in the general U.S. population, the need for city, state and federal government compliance with diversity business goals and alignment with broader procurement and supply management objectives.

AuroCore Solutions, LLC was started to fill a void in an ever-changing and fast paced world. Inefficient systems are constantly being required to produce what has never been achieved. Without adding resources, AuroCore Solutions helps streamline and improve existing processes. Why increase manual labor when you can shift the focus of your existing employees to a more value-adding role in the company?

By working together, we form a diverse, highly professional and experienced group of consultants able to work effectively with different types of clients in different situations. We have a variety of backgrounds – from management consultancies, operational process improvement, diversity and inclusion program management training in both the public and private sector. We take pride in assisting clients who have the responsibility of tracking utilization, reporting DBE spend, and measuring the effectiveness of a diversity program, while ensuring compliance at both the federal and local levels.

Our Philosophy

Bridging gaps, building
diverse business, resilience and connectivity.

Gwendolyn Davis
Gwendolyn Davis Senior Executive Consultant
Diversity Workers

Out of 100 Construction Workers...

African American

Meet the Team

Successful, expert driven diversity programs join forces with automation efficiency.
We collaborate, you win.

Gwendolyn Davis

Gwendolyn Davis


As a recognized expert in the field of Diversity Business Enterprise (DBE) Program development and management, Gwendolyn has developed and managed diversity programs since 1995. She developed the State of Tennessee’s Diversity Business Enterprise Program (Go-DBE) under the leadership of Governor Phil Bredesen, and led initiatives to establish the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise.

Chad Andersen

Chad Andersen


Starting his career in finance, Chad quickly began developing tools to make lives easier. Refusing to settle for existing processes, he learned how to create programs that analyze large data sets. Recognizing the high demand for such programs and efficiencies, he founded AuroCore Solutions in 2014 with this new demand in mind. Using various programming languages, Chad takes pride in creating solutions for companies that will allow a focus on core strengths, rather than the distraction of day-to-day tasks.


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